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Hi there! My name is Cloe and I run this book blog. (I can nearly hear you snorting in the distance. Sorry, I know that was an obvious statement :P) So, I'm gonna list 6 facts about me! Let's go!

1. I love reading anything! Okay, maybe not everything. My favourite genres are Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Dystopian, and Mystery. (Sadly I don't enjoy Non-Fiction as much as I should)

2. I also read stories online! Wattpad, Quotev, AO3, yep! It doesn't have to be fan fiction. I read books and I must say, there are so many talented people out there in the writing community!

3. My first language isn't English! So if sometimes my posts seem awkward, I'm sorry about that!

4. I've always wanted to start a book blog. I've seen many other blogs and I find them so cool! It's amazing how many readers we still have in a world of iPhones and Apps.

5. I try to read at least 4 books a month. Sometimes I read more, sometimes less. That's why I'm either very active or inactive on Goodreads. I blame school :(

So, here are my 5 very useless facts. Hope you enjoyed reading them!

If you want to find out a little more, here's a tag about me. 

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