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Hi there! First of all, thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you liked it :) I am also grateful that you would like me to read and review your book. Here is a little about how it works for me:

  • I read all genres, but I am mostly interested in Young Adult, Dystopia, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Contemporary. 
  • I accept digital and physical copies. However, I live in Hong Kong, which may cause some hesitation in shipping fees. 
  • I may take a long time to review books due to schoolwork and a busy schedule in general, but I will try my best!

Layout of my reviews
  • Name of book
  • Cover
  • Blurb (mostly from Goodreads)
  • Author, date of publication, genre, the basics.
  • My rating
  • My review! :)
  • And, my favourite quote from that book.

My rating system:

I rate the books from 1-10/10, a bit unusual for a book blog, but I like it that way. 1 being the worst book ever (don't panic - that has never happened before) and 10 being the best book in the universe! I try to be honest and kind in my reviews, so no book has ever dropped below 7/10 unless I really couldn't get past the first page. I try my best to be spoiler free, and if I ever do talk about spoilers, there are warnings and the text is in white. 

Where I post reviews:
  • Here, on this blog.
  • On Goodreads as well. My Goodreads review are shorter, but if you want me to post the same review on Goodreads as on my blog, just let me know :)

All in all, thank you (again) so much for visiting my blog! If there are any questions, just contact me. (Find my email on my contact page)

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