Monday, December 22, 2014

Winter Reads

Winter is here! And it's the perfect time to find a great book to snuggle and read with. A cup of hot chocolate anyone? Cookies? Gingerbread cookies? Or... Starbucks? Tea?

Enough about food. What about the books?!

Here in this little post, I'll give you a small list of my all-time favourite books to read during the winter, and maybe you would like to check them out! Or maybe tell me your favourite winter books, if you have any!

Let's begin.

1. Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. Who doesn't love this book for Christmas-y feels? It is a winter romance anyways. Three little stories about different people. But they all link together in the end! It's really cute, and I love how they seem to intertwine and end. It's a really sweet story; what can you expect from these three authors? They're the best!

2. Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. It's a cute love story, but it's not only about love. It's also about life, facing fears, and standing up for what's right. Who doesn't love a story with so many different themes? Oh yeah, the main character Penny is also a kind girl, and it's hard not to like her.

3. Sweet Honey by Cathy Cassidy. It's actually the fifth book in the Chocolate Box Girls series, but who cares? Although, it may be better if you read the first few books in the series. It's great, really. It's about Honey turning over a new leaf, but of course, the past never really goes away. Like they say!

4. My True Love Gave To Me, which is a collection of 12 short stories. The stories are very cute, and the short stories are written by famous romance authors! The book was put together by Stephanie Perkins, and it's really pretty.

Are there more? Yeah! Of course! They're tons of books to read over the winter, and here are just some suggestions. If you have any recommendations, feel free to just comment!

Stay warm, and read a book!

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