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Half Lost

Title: Half Lost

Author: Sally Green

First Published: March 29th 2016

Series: Half Bad #3

Genre: YA, Fantasy, Romance

Available As: Hardcover, paperback, ebook

Pages: 352

My Copy: Physical copy

My Rating: 9/10

Goodreads Summary 
This is the final battle. 

The Alliance is losing the war, and their most critical weapon, seventeen-year-old witch Nathan Byrn, is losing his mind. Nathan’s tally of kills is rising, and yet he’s no closer to ending the tyrannical rule of the Council of White Witches in England. Nor is Nathan any closer to his personal goal: getting revenge on Annalise, the girl he once loved before she committed an unthinkable crime. An amulet protected by the extremely power
ful witch Ledger could be the tool Nathan needs to save himself and the Alliance, but this amulet is not so easily acquired. And lately Nathan has started to suffer from visions: a vision of a golden moment when he dies, and of an endless line of Hunters, impossible to overcome. Gabriel, his closest companion, urges Nathan to run away with him, to start a peaceful life together. But even Gabriel’s love may not be enough to save Nathan from this war, or from the person he has become.

Set in modern-day Europe, the final book in the Half Bad trilogy is more than a story about witches. It’s a heart-achingly visceral look at survival and exploitation, the nature of good and evil, and the risks we take for love.

You were gone a long time. Were you lost?

I was wounded, not lost.

Well, I'm certainly wounded after this heart-breaking book. Wounded in my heart. I was crying by the end of the book, definitely. But more on that later.

It's been about 3 years since the start of Half Bad. Nathan has certainly matured and grown up a lot. Forced to live a life he doesn't deserve, he isn't exactly the most sane or sympathetic person anymore. Especially after the death of his father Marcus, he isn't the same. He's bloodthirsty. He wants revenge. On who? Everyone, basically. Beginning with Annalise. It's a complete 180 in his feelings: in Half Wild, he was madly in love with the girl, now he wants to murder her in cold blood. Not that I can blame him, of course.

Nathan has more of a 'kill everyone' mindset now, whereas before, he would have shown some mercy. Now, he knows the world is out to kill him, unless he kills them first. It's a dangerous world now, with the war going on. I think it's especially difficult for Nathan, since even his own friends seem to be wary of him. There aren't many he can truly trust, so he's learnt to cut himself off from everyone when it suits him. The people he can really trust are Gabriel and Celia.

Speaking of Gabriel, Nathan and Gabriel's relationship is getting better and better! Well, little overstatement. In the beginning, Nathan keeps pushing Gabriel away and ignoring his advice. It's only when Nathan realises he has hurt Gabriel, does he decide to be nicer to him. My favourite part was when they were in New York together. The cuteness overload! I SHIP IT SO MUCH.

But what happens? *Major spoiler alert* Gabriel dies. I know! *cries a flood*. My favourite character, Gabriel, is dead. During the final battle between Nathan and Jessica, she manages to wound Gabriel so deeply that there is no chance of him surviving. His death scene was so sad! It also mirrored Marcus' death scene at the end of Half Wild as well, especially with Nathan describing the fading away of the golden bits in their eyes... ;( Why did Sally Green kill of Gabriel? Nathan has been through so much - he deserves a happy ending with Gabriel. By the river. As the vision promised :( *Spoiler over*

I especially loved the epilogue of the story. It flows beautifully like a river. Although I wouldn't say it's a happy ending, it was a peaceful one. Which is definitely what Nathan deserves. I still wonder who it was that visited Nathan after all that has happened. I feel like it's Celia. Who else could it be?

I feel like this book was better than Half Wild. While reading Half Wild, there were some parts where I had zoned out because it wasn't really interesting. With Half Lost, every single word keeps you hooked onto the plot. It's that good.  However, I still think Half Bad is the best out of the three.

I'm kind of sad that this beautiful series is now over, but I hope that Sally Green will continue writing great books in the future!

My Chosen Quote
"I wonder if trees are happy and I think about their roots going deep into the earth and all the elements of earth and life and I think perhaps trees are the happiest of us all and maybe I could be happy too if my roots could find their way to him and somehow his body will find its way to mine and some life, some elements, something of him could be in me."

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