Sunday, May 8, 2016

Awesome Mothers Fiction Has Given Us

In honour of Mother's Day, I have decided to put together a little list of the most awesome, most badass mothers! My post is based on the one on Goodreads, which you can view here.

1. Molly Weasley

I think we all appreciate Ms. Weasley since book one, but in this particular scene (shown in gif above), my respect rockets sky high. She's a great mother to all the Weasleys, and basically to Harry as well.
One memorable moment: when she killed Bellatrix while defending Ginny :)

2. Sally Jackson

Sally Jackson is great. She's protected Percy from Gabe and she's been there for Percy most of his life.
One memorable moment: using Medusa's head to turn Gabe into stone. Ha!

3. Natalie Prior

Tris' mom is a prominent figure in not only the first book, but also in the second and third ones as well. She's Tris' rock, the one person she can really trust with no consequences. At least we know that Tris and her mom are reunited at the end, right? 
One memorable moment: the ending of Allegiant. Enough said.

4. Mary Winchester

Okay, she hasn't been around for most of the Winchester's lives, but at least she has come back to save her sons (in season one). Plus, her occupation as ex-hunter gains her extra cool points, even if she hated it.
One memorable moment: sacrificing herself to save her sons (in season one, episode 9)

Have I missed any badass mothers? Tell me who is your favourite! I know 4 isn't a lot, but I couldn't remember or find any more. UGH I swear there should be a lot more. Anyways, have a good day!


  1. Mary Winchester! I really wish we could see more of him. The way she sacrificed her spirit to protect her boys is just</3 Anyways, I really like Catherine de Medici from Reign. She's not always a good character, but everything she's done is for her children (esp. Francis) so yeah, even though now always a great mother, her role in the tv show is definitely really prominent! And can we talk about Narcissa Malfoy? She lied to the freaking dark lord and ran through the battlefield, wand-less, all for Draco<33 She really loves him. Great list Cloe!<33

    1. Oh yeah Narcissa Malfoy is great! We just automatically assume she's an evil person, but she really isn't! She really does love Draco, and it's so obvious! Thanks for reading! :)

    2. Oh I also tagged you in my last post, you can check it out when you have time here :)

    3. That's awesome!! I'll definitely check it out, thanks :)

  2. To echo Tasya, Narcissa Malfoy is actually such a great mom even though she seems evil. I have to say, my favorite mom of the book world is definitely Molly Weasley. She's so protective of her children but she's so funny and loving as well :) Lovely post, Cloe!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. Molly Weasley is awesome! Thanks for reading :)

  3. Oh yes, such amazing choices. Mary Winchester <3 So much love for her character in the Supernatural series. Molly will always be my number one favourite fictional mum, that woman is incredible! Plus all the love for Lily Potter too, as she died to save Harry <3

    1. All three of them are great mothers, although two of them never really got the chance. Molly will always be number one for me :)


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