Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween - Books, TV Shows and Movies

It's Halloween everyone! It's also one of my favourite holidays in the year >:) So in honour of Halloween, I've decided to do another Halloween theme post - this time with books, TV shows and movies to enjoy during this Halloween. Are you ready?


1. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. I remember reading this entire book in one sitting - it was that good! It's not that scary, just bordering on creepy/spooky. I loved it so much and now I just want to reread it! :)

2. Coraline by Neil Gaiman - both the movie and book. I adored the movie though it did freak me out a bit. (I was 8 when I watched it - bad idea, yeah I know) The concept is so creepy and yet so thrilling!

3. Slasher Girls & Monster Boys, which I haven't actually read yet but seems pretty good. It's an anthology of horror stories, including some of my favourite authors: Leigh Bardugo, Marie Lu and Jonathan Maberry! YES this is perfect :)


1. Supernatural, of course. Yes, there are 12 seasons and counting, but what a better than to start season 1 if you haven't already? There are so many monsters, demons, plot twists that can keep you entertained.

2. American Horror Story, if you are into more horror, gore and whatnot. Sure, there are scenes that make 99% of viewers uncomfortable, but what can you do? If you want more ghosty stuff, go for season 1 and season 6 ;)

3. Scream Queens, if you want something a little more light-hearted. It's a horror-comedy, and I thought the characters are pretty funny if not stupid at times. They are all sassy though, which makes up for it.


1. The Shining - both the book and movie works. There aren't many jump-scares or anything like that, but it's the atmosphere and tension that builds up, making the movie that much more effective. 

2. The Conjuring (the first movie) because it's way better than the second one. Also, the plot is more interesting than the other spinoffs (Annabelle I'm looking at you) , but that's just my opinion. 

3. The Exorcist - a all-time classic. I think it's pretty good, but same as in the Shining, there aren't many jump-scares since they also focus on the creepy atmosphere and rising fear.

So, here are my 3 suggestions in each category! Do you have some for me? I hope you all have a fun Halloween :)


  1. OOH the graveyard book and coraline are both amazing! And yes to supernatural! I recently started season 6 and it's so far so good haha!

    1. Yes I love Supernatural! It's so good! :D

  2. I will be bluntly honest, as much as I love Halloween, I am absolutely terrified by horror movies and scary stories. I'm one of those people who become scared of the dark again whenever I watch a scary movie, and it will literally take me weeks to recover. The scariest thing I ever read was Stephen King's The Children of the Corn, and I read that in broad daylight! *shivers*

    1. Ah oh well :P At least you can enjoy the candy part of Halloween ;)


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