Sunday, October 16, 2016

Movie Review: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

So, I finally got round to watching Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children! The trailer looked really really good, and I was really excited to see it! I had some minor doubts, such as them changing Emma's ability in the movie, but in the end, I went.


  • It stuck to the book (mostly) which I was glad about. Okay, I lied a tiny bit. The ending was not at all like the book, which threw me off a bit. I thought it was going to cut off when Jake was being dramatic with his "I've got a plan" line, but then it continued. 
  • The creepy music and photos right in the beginning was perfect. It really set the scene and made my heart race a little :)
  • Loved the jump-scares >:D
  • I loved how Tim Burton could easily maintain the eerie and slightly creepy atmosphere of the book. Every moment was thrilling to me.
  • Emma's ability switch from fire (books) to air (movie) wasn't that bad. It wasn't absolutely critical to the movie for Emma to have her air ability, but it was quite useful a number of times.
  • Asa Butterfield as Jake? A+
  • The ending was pretty nice and sweet, but everything seems to be solved so I don't know if there will be a sequel or not. I'd love one, but I don't know where it would be going...
  • This film was a nice break from all the action-dystopia movies we get in the YA film adaptation category these days.

So, have you watched this movie yet? If so, did you like it? Hope to see your responses! :)


  1. I actually just saw this movie yesterday! From the trailer, it looked amazing, but I was hesitant because they switched up Emma's powers. But then I saw the movie, and it was so good! I really liked it, even with the changes. Emma's air powers worked for the movie (like with that boat! So neat!). Enoch was completely different from how I imagined him to be, but I liked him a lot! I also loved how the scenes in the loop were so vibrant and full of colour, but once Jake left and went back to the present, everything was dull and boring and eerie. I hope there's another movie, but like you said, they wrapped this one up pretty good, so I would have no idea what direction the next one would head...

    1. Yeah I was also unsure how Emma's changed power would work out but it turned out really well! You're right, I didn't think of the colour scheme that way! Vibrant and colourful with the Peculiars, but dull and grey back in the boring world. That's cool!

  2. I'm currently reading the book so I might see it but sometime in the future :D But I've heard mixed things about this movie, which terrifies me. My friend who absolutely loves the book loathe the movie, and my family who haven't read the book liked the book. So I think it can be a hit or miss for different people. But it's Tim Burton omg. His name alone convinces me to watch the movie haha! Glad you enjoyed it Cloe! <3

    1. EEP I hope you get to watch it soon! Of course, I prefer the book over the movie, but the movie itself was pretty good! It stuck to the book, mostly. Apart from the ending... ;)

  3. I would like to see the movie eventually!! I didn't actually love the books or anything?? Which is bad of me hehe, but I think anything Tim Burton does is AMAZING and I love love looooove the cast already. It looks so beautiful in all the previous!

    1. Tim Burton is the best!! I hope you get round to watching it one day - it doesn't disappoint!


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