Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Intergalactic Book Tag!

Hi everyone! I recently saw this tag on Kayleigh's blog, A Book Lovers Playlist and I thought it was an interesting idea! You can also find the original book tag on youtube here! So, let's begin!

Name a book that is out of this world - which takes place in a world different from our own.
Across the Universe by Beth Revis takes place in space! That series is really good! I especially like reading about how they all live on the spaceship.

Name a book that completely sucked you in.
Since the very first page, Made You Up by Francesca Zappia sucked me in. It was so good! The plot, the writing, everything! 

Name a book you are anticipating so much you wish you could travel at light speed to get it.
I really want to read Half Lost by Sally Green, the final book in the Half Bad trilogy. I just need to know what happens to Nathan!

Name a book with a beautiful cover.
So many books have beautiful covers, but one of my favourites is Winter by Marissa Meyer! I mean, look at it!

Name a companion set or spinoff series you love.
Does Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo count? It's technically a spinoff from the Grisha trilogy... right?

Name your favourite romance pairing that seems to have a gravitational pull to each other.
There are so many! I think I'll have to go with Percy and Annabeth. Those two are made for each other. They are at the top of the OTP hierarchy (if one even exists) :)

Name a book that got you started on reading.
I'm sure we've all had that reading block, when no book interests us or we just don't know what to read anymore. Whenever I run into that problem, I just go back and read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. My copy is falling apart :(

Name a short story or novella you love.
I usually don't read a lot of novellas, but I do like Fairest by Marissa Meyer. We got to find out more about Levana and her backstory, which is quite interesting...

Name a book with multiple POVs.
The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan had so many POVs! I was so excited for Nico's. His POV was my favourite.

Name a book title that would be a great name for a spaceship.
Hmm... maybe Throne of Glass would make a good spaceship name, though I don't know what that would imply...

I hope you enjoyed reading this tag as much as I enjoyed making it! If you liked it, feel free to join in!


  1. This is such an interesting tag, definitely doing to do this! I was also really excited that we got Nico's pov, I mean we finally know what's going on inside that head! Great answers Cloe!

  2. AHHHHH I NEED NEED NEED HALF LOST TOO!! I was only thinking about it how it's nearly here and omg, if I had time I'd re-read the first two. But then. Pain. omg. And I feel like the last one isn't even going to end happily but my ship WILL SAIL. *slams fist down* IT WILL. Ahem.
    Also 100% agree on the gorgeousness that is the Winter cover. :')
    The Hunger Games actually got me started reading YA...and then Maggie Stiefvater. So basically they're to blame for my reading habits. XD

  3. Great tag! I agree with quite a few of your answers, haha. And I completely agree about Winter being a beautiful cover! I mean, just look at it. So pretty! (On a side note, I finished Winter, and we definitely need to talk about it!!!)


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