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Who Am I? The Get To Know Me Tag!

Hi everyone! I was recently tagged in Fiona's post (thanks Fiona!) and so... If you were ever wondering who I am, here's a tag for you to find out! Plus, let's take a moment to admire the beautiful tag here:

Credits to Denise @ the Bibliolater
(Because I have no idea how to make these beautiful images!)

The Basics

Name: Cloe
Nicknames: Nooooone, really. Oh well :)
Birthday: 9th January
Star Sign: Capricorn! (Little question, who else reads all those horoscope posts on tumblr and stuff? I find them very funny)
Occupation: None yet, I'm still in high school!

How I Look Like 

Hair colour: Dark brown, light brown in the sunlight (if you squint)
Hair length: Medium length. It's past my shoulders, but not so long.
Eye colour: Browny brown
Best feature: No idea, but I'll go with the most cliche one ever: my smile ;)
Braces: Nope 
Piercings: None, but am unsure about getting any at all.
Tattoos: They look pretty cool, but I probably won't be getting any tattoos ever.
Right or left handed: Right handed!


Best friend: My first best friend was a girl called Franka. We spent most of primary school together, but we're not that close anymore. 
Award: Haha, it was a participation award in a gymnastics competition. Just participation - not even an award for winning anything. Oh well, we can't have everything, right? :D
Sport: Swimming
Real holiday: I went to Tokyo, Japan with my parents, and it was so fun! I remember being so lost though, because everything was in Japanese and not many people knew English at the time. 
Concert: One Direction!


Film: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
TV show: Merlin! :)
Colour: Blue, but not like neon blue. More like a deeper blue.
Song: I don't have one single favourite, but here are a couple. King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men; I Found A Girl by The Vamps; Mrs Potato Head by Melanie Martinez
Restaurant: I really like this little restaurant called Pokka Café (it serves the best breakfast!)
Shop: Page One!
Books: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, The Young Elites by Marie Lu, A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab
Shoes: I like sandals and flats. I try to avoid wearing socks as much as I can.


Feeling: Meh.
Single or taken: Single!
Eating: Cookies :)
Thinking about: Which book to read next: something that's been on my TBR for years, or something I just saw?
Watching: Trying to catch up with Supernatural. 11 seasons and counting? A lot of work!
Wearing: T-shirt and jean shorts. SO HOT AND HUMID HERE :(


Children: Currently, I feel that I probably won't have children. Not until I'm 200% sure and I'm physically and mentally capable of raising another human being. 
Marriage: Sure, why not? Not now, of course. But I think I'll marry the person I really love. 
Careers: I'm thinking of becoming a doctor. That's currently number one. If not, I'd like to study biochemistry. Sounds cool, right?
Where to live: Somewhere quiet, but not too quiet. So, I guess on the outskirts of a city? Yeah, that would do.

Do you believe in...

God: No, not God. But I do believe that there's something after death. 
Miracles: Yeah, these exist. But they come rarely and only if you deserve it.
Love at first sight: No, I don't. I mean sure, attraction at first sight exists, but not love. At least, not for me. 
Ghosts: Yes. My reasoning is, even if you have no scientific evidence of them existing, you don't have evidence of them not existing, so there.
Aliens: Why not? We can't be the only people in the vast, expanding universe, right? No way are we alone. There has to be someone out there.
Soul mates: Yeah, soul mates exist. I believe that we all eventually find them, but we may not realise it. 
Heaven/hell: No heaven, no hell. 
Kissing on a first date: Sure, if you really like the person. I don't see why not.
Yourself: Sometimes? I find myself second guessing myself at times though. Don't follow my example kids, always believe in yourself! 

I tag:

Cait @ Paper Fury

And anyone who wants to join in!


  1. You have such a cute blog!

    It was nice getting to know you a little better. I'm about like you. I'm in my 20s and I still don't know if I'd be capable of taking care of another human being, lol. Kudos on wanting to become a doctor! I'm far too squeamish for that sort of thing, but I definitely respect people who can. I ended up studying archaeology instead, where things have been dead a long time and I don't have to worry about bodily fluids, lolol.

    Followed you via BL!

    Brittany @

    1. Ooh Archeology does sound quite interesting! That's pretty cool! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! :)

  2. Oh wow, we actually have quite a lot in common! I'm a swimmer too, and needless to say, I agree with all your book choices :) I think ghosts and aliens are real too because though there's no evidence supporting they're real, there's no evidence supporting they're not...
    Page One! Such a great place. I always make a trip there whenever I visit Hong Kong. Unfortunately, the one I normally went to closed...sigh.
    Loved these answers! :D

    1. I love Page One! Yeah, most of the Page Ones are gone in Hong Kong, but there's a beautiful and humongous one in Kowloon. If you ever go back to HK, be sure to visit it! :)

  3. My favorite color is blue too! I like dark denim blue and sky blue the best :) You've been to Tokyo?? That's so cool! It must have been hard because of the whole language barrier thing but still cool :)

    Thanks for the tag!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. Haha, blue is like the best colour! Tokyo is amazing, Japan is awesome! Language barriers are so frustrating, no?

  4. I love blue too! It's just so eye catching and soothing you know? And Merlin yes! It's been years since the finale but it still hurts me so bad :( I'm also struggling to catch up with SPN, I'm on season 4 right now. Only 7 more seasons to go! XD

    1. The ending for Merlin is soooo heartbreaking! ;( Haha, catching up with SPN will take ages! Especially since the hiatuses seem reasonably short...

  5. Thanks for tagging me, mine will go up next week :)

    1. Great, I look forward to reading it! :)

  6. Oh January child hi five! ;D And omg you listed Suzanne Collins and VE Schwab...YOU CLEARLY ARE AN AMAZING BOOKWORM WITH AMAZING TASTE! *shrieks* I'm pretty sure I'd never be capable of looking after another human for the whole time. xD I babysit a lot and omg, I'm always soooo relieved when my nephew/nieces go home. HA. Ahem.
    And YES aliens! I mean, probably not the green things we imagine? But the universe is HUGE. I really think it's a shame to think we're the only ones around. :P
    ANYWAY I LOVED READING THIS! And getting to know you better! Thanks for the tag! (I have done this one though. XD)

    1. Haha, thanks! You've done it already? Oops okay :) *high fives because January*


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