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Captain America Civil War Book Tag!

I was nominated by Tasya - thanks so much! Check out her post here. I was really excited to see this tag. I haven't had the chance to see the movie yet, but rest assured I will ASAP. BUT I am still team Captain America! This tag was created by Jennifer @ Wonderland Review here, be sure to check it out!

Ok, let's begin.

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Team Captain America

Captain America: Name a character who always does the right thing. (If you aren't Team CA, change this to a character who thinks he always does the right thing) 

It's so difficult to find someone who always does the right thing, because everyone screws up from time to time. I think Annabeth does the right thing 98% of the time, though she has made mistakes from time to time. She's a trustworthy character though!

Falcon: A loyal character

Violetta from The Young Elites! She's stuck with her sister for so long, even though Adelina's views are pretty warped and twisted. No matter what Adelina does, Violetta still seems to support her sister. But, I'm not sure how far this loyalty will last.

Hawkeye: A character who is extremely good at something specific (like Hawkeye and his bow)

The first person who jumps to mind is Katniss Everdeen! She's amazing with her bow (like Hawkeye) and she never misses her target. Plus, they both look absolutely badass with a bow :)

Ant-Man: A character who is just happy to tag along

This is so Tyson! He's such a bundle of sunshine, and he's just happy to help Percy and Annabeth. Blindly oblivious and too optimistic at times, but he is a great friend to everyone.

Agent 13: A character you're super nervous about

Mayor Prentiss from The Knife of Never Letting Go! He seems like the ultimate dystopian leader, always wanting the 'best' for everyone, and isn't afraid of the lengths he'll go to get what he wants. Now that Todd is once again in his clutches, what will happen?

Winter Soldier: A character whose mind isn't entirely their own

I'd say Holland, especially in A Gathering of Shadows! Poor Holland, he's not even a bad guy. I hope everything ends well for him. He was only trying to make things right... :(

Scarlet Witch: A character who started out on the wrong side but ended up joining the team

Cal from Red Queen started out on the side of the Silvers, obviously, but after a certain betrayal, he finally switched to help the Scarlet Guard in Glass Sword. Although the Scarlet Guard may be cruel and corrupt in some areas, their goals are clearer and more on the side of 'the greater good', so I would say that's the right 'team'.

Bonus - Winter Soldier and Captain America: Two characters who have been friends for a long time

This is definitely Jem and Will from TID! Not only are they parabatai, but they have a strong brotherly relationship. They even seem closer than Alec and Jace. Jem and Will go together like Yin and Yang.

Team Iron Man

Iron Man: A character who doesn't seem to learn from their mistakes (If you are Team IM, change this to a character willing to stand up to his friends for what he believes in)

Who doesn't learn? Todd! Every time he doesn't kill someone, they come back later to try and kill Todd. Come on Todd. Yes, it's refreshing to see a YA character having trouble with killing, but there should be a limit to how many times he refuses to kill.

War Machine: A character who is always showing off his 'big guns'

I think Bellamy from the 100 is always trying to prove that he can survive just fine on his own. He's quite antisocial, but he does care about his sister and Clarke. 

Black Widow: Badass female character who also has a soft side

This is so Kestrel! She's very intelligent and cunning, but she doesn't want to fight for her country. She'd rather get married. Woah, I know right? How often do we get YA female characters like this? Basically never. It's great that Kestrel can be so badass and girly - we need some change around here.

Black Panther: A character out for revenge

Nathan, especially during Half Lost, was blinded by anger and hatred for Annalise. He was bloodthirsty for revenge. Nothing got in his way and he was completely ruthless. A bit frightening to see the transition from young, innocent boy to cold, closed-off man, but that's that.

Vision: A character you're unsure about

Rhysand from ACOTAR as well! He is so mysterious, and I am not sure about his intentions towards Feyre yet. He's definitely hiding something, but I don't think he's the evil one.

Spider Man: A character you were afraid just wasn't going to fit in

I wasn't sure if Winter from the Lunar Chronicles would fit in with the gang, especially with Scarlet previously being her 'pet', though Winter is a sweetheart and would never hurt anyone.

Pepper Potts (Not sure she's in this movie anyway): A character who uses their intelligence

Kaz is definitely a cunning person. He's smart, especially street smart. He has so many tricks up his sleeve that everyone else won't know until it's too late.

Bonus - Captain America vs. Iron Man: Pick: Two characters who started off as friends and are now enemies OR name two characters that are on opposing sides that you want to work together

Like most of us, I really hope Kell and Holland team up together to restore balance to all Londons! Even though they aren't the best of friends, I'm sure they actually make a good team.

Awesome! Now, to spread the fun. I tag:

Sorry if I didn't tag you! If you liked this tag, feel free to join in! Even if you haven't watched the movie or don't want to watch the movie :)


  1. Tyson is just really adorable<33 He's just really happy that Percy considered him as his brother, and even though bad things happened to him, he's still 100% optimistic<3 AND YES TODD WHY CAN'T YOU KILL. I get that he's only 13, and not everyone can kill but COME ON. It already cost him Manchee and yet he still can't kill??? It really pisses me of while I was reading that book.

    1. Tyson is great! Yeah, I know right? It was horrible how Todd indirectly got Manchee killed :( He really should learn from his mistakes. If he gets another person killed... >:(

  2. Love this tag, definitely want to do this one myself! Katniss and her bow, she would have been my first pick too. Mayor Prentiss was such a dodgy character! And Todd and his inability to kill anyone, it always came round to bite him in the ass in the end and I would get so frustrated with him haha. Nathan definitely turned all bloodthirsty and I didn't really agree with his quest for revenge.

    Great answers! :)

    1. Thanks so much! I look forward to seeing your answers :)

  3. Thanks for the tag, Cloe! I love this tag :) Marvel movies are my favorite movie universe! I agree with you that Bellamy definitely tries to show off: book in the book and the TV show! Sometimes it makes me really annoyed with him but he does care about the people close to him so that's something.

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. Bellamy isn't not my favourite character, but he is quite helpful at times. Ah well, we can't have everything, right?


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